Abington Partners, LLC is a consulting and advisory firm with offices in Scranton and Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania.  

The ultra-rich and large corporations make more money and pay less in taxes (on a percentage basis) than most Americans.





Partly because they have access to elite wealth and tax planners, CPAs and tax attorneys who utilize tax planning and mitigation strategies that most taxpayers don't know about, don't understand or can't access.


We'd like to teach you some of these strategies and give you access to the potential benefits.



Before I formed Abington Partners, LLC ("AP"), I spent over 20 years in the Hedge Fund and Family Office space.  During that tenure, I learned about sophisticated and extremely beneficial tax reduction strategies that were being utilized by ultra-wealthy individuals and families, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies.  Many of those strategies were unknown and/or inaccessible to the “average” investor or taxpayer (and their tax preparers) .  Following the formation of AP, I joined forces with a firm that understands and employs some of those beneficial strategies.  They develop appropriate legal entities and transaction structures to provide accredited investors with an opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, some of these strategies, which were previously accessible only to the ultra-rich and corporate America.  AP is a consulting and advisory firm that works with accredited investors, family offices and their tax and financial advisors to incorporate these strategies into a holistic tax and investment plan in order to maximize after-tax returns and tax savings.  AP does this through unique tax-efficient opportunities, including:

  • Land Conservation Projects

  • Historic Preservation Projects

  • Historic Tax Credit Projects

  • Renewable Energy Tax Credit Projects

  • Opportunity Zone Funds/Projects

  • Various State Tax Credit Generating Programs

Most, if not all, of these programs also offer positive environmental and social impacts, allowing participants to “do well” financially, while “doing good” for society, disadvantaged communities and/or the environment.



See how the conservation easement program has been used on a nation wide scale by some of the country's biggest names in business.




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